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Measuring, Monitoring and Proving Your Packaging 24 Hours A Day

September 14, 2016

Tinius Olsen Automated compression testing using robotic specimen handling

The Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company has been providing materials testing systems to the manufacturing industry for over 135 years, pulling, pushing, squeezing, bursting and twisting packaging materials, enclosures, and packaging devices to accurately quantify strength, performance and quality. Using the data from a Tinius Olsen testing system QC Mangers and their teams are able to monitor, prove and maintain the quality of their products, be it tapes, adhesives, plastic film, metal foil, bottles, enclosures, bags and devices. The key business needs; Efficiency, immediate feedback of test results to the production team and traceability are all met by the new Tinius Olsen automated materials testing platform.

To a “T”

June 28, 2016

Tinius Olsen ASTM Plastics

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company and ASTM were born in the same time and place. The expression that “necessity is the mother of invention” was never more true than when it comes to the births of ASTM and Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company. Both organizations were born around the same time as a consequence of the development of new material during the height of the industrial revolution.

Testing Plastics And Composites – Product Range

MP1200 Melt Indexer

The MP1200 Melt Indexer from Tinius Olsen is a superior, advanced, melt indexing system that is available in either manual or motorized configurations and features a new three zone band heater with three controllers that result in unparalleled temperature control of the furnace. When combined with the simple, menu driven, touch screen control you'll agree that the MP1200 is in a league of its own.

All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed Horizon software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Key Features include:

• Conforms to ASTM 1238, D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210 and other similar methods
• Three zone band heater and three controllers enable an unprecedented temperature control to within 0.1 deg C
• Touch screen control for simple control and setup
• Simple die release system that allows easy access to the barrel for quicker and more efficient cleaning.
• USB connectivity allows multiple MP1200s to be connected to a pc running Horizon software

The manual MP1200 Extrusion Plastometer includes the operating tools, piston rod and orifices as standard equipment. Add weights as required and you are set for Procedure A type tests. Weights and reference thermometers are available for all standard and custom applications. Corrosion resistant components are available for testing fluoroplastic resins and fluorocarbon plastics.

The MP 1200 microprocessor-based Controller/Timer is fully interactive with the operator. It features the latest digital technology, a high resolution touch screen display, USB serial communications port, non-volatile memory for calibration and test parameter storage (with power-up in last used program), integral audio alarm, and other related features.

For more automated tests add the PPDT-1200 Automatic Timing Switch for Procedure B - Automatically Timed Flow Rate-type tests and/or any of the other efficiency-boosting accessory packages for even greater automation.

In all cases the menu-driven user interface of the MP 1200 Controller/Timer guides the operator through the test and calculates and displays the test results. And, its serial USB communications port, which is provided as standard, allows interfacing to a printer for test report generation or to a computer using our Horizon software.

Regardless of how you configure your system you'll have a state-of-the-art Melt Indexer unsurpassed in performance and reliability.

Impact Testing

Tinius Olsen Impact Tester includes the Model 104 Digital Display/Controller for a high degree of flexibility, accuracy & test data resolution to meet all testing needs. Pick and choose optional fixtures and weights to meet the testing requirements of your material.

This system does not require a separate PC and software in order to operate. However, a data acquisition/machine control software package is available as an option.

• Conforms to ASTM Methods D256 and D6110; ISO Standards 179 & 180. • Aerodynamically designed compound pendulum of the IT504 provides maximum rigidity in the direction of impact and virtually eliminates windage losses. Pendulum capacity is easily changed by adding on any one of seven optional weight sets.
• User-programmable Model 104 Display/Controller has electroluminescent display of specimen dimensions, energy and force units in SI, old Metric or English system units.
• Automatic report generation with optical serial printer.
• "Low-Blow" feature provides a convenient and reliable method for releasing the pendulum from lower than "standard" drop heights for testing at lower impact velocities and energy levels.
• Accessories available for purchase include fixtures for Izod & Charpy testing, additional weights to increase the energy capacity of the pendulum, Model PI-T Cold Temperature Chamber or Model PI-T-H Hot/Cold Temperature Chamber, printer, Tinius Olsen's Horizon WindowsTM based data acquisition and analysis software package.

Technical References: ASTM D 256 (Izod Impact); ASTM D 6110 (Charpy Impact); ISO 179 (Charpy Impact); ISO 180 (Izod Impact); D 4812 (Unnotched Cantilever Beam Impact); D 4508 (Chip Impact); D 950 (Adhesive Bond Impact)

Moisture Analyser

3Tinius Olsen Hydrotracer moisture analyser is an effective, accurate, fast and cost effective way to determine the moisture content of materials that uses a chemical determination rather than a thermo-gravimetric technique. Simply put, the traditional techniques to determine the moisture content heat a specimen and once the water has been driven off, the before and after weights of the specimen are compared; this technique does something similar but uses a chemical reaction to measure the amount of moisture released. The advantage of the hydrotracer is that the water/moisture that is driven off cannot be reabsorbed back into the specimen.

The principle of operation is simple: the specimen is heated; the hot, humid vapor reacts with the calcium hydride reagent and the product is hydrogen gas and calcium hydroxide; the concentration of the hydrogen gas is measured and this is a direct correlation to the amount of wter vapor driven off, allowing simple calculation of moisture content in the specimen. The chemical reaction formula is: CAH2 + 2H2O = Ca(OH)2 + 2H2 . The amount of reagent that is used in a typical test is very small (approximately 0.1g), and as such no special EPA or OSHA handling or disposal equipment or requirements are needed.

Horizon Software

Tinius Olsen Horizon software is next evolution of testing software. As part of our development process, we have taken the best features of our existing software offerings, including Test Navigator, QMat, and EP600 software, added a host of report writing and data manipulation capabilities and in the process, created a new, unparalleled testing platform that will make easy work of your materials testing programs, whether they’re designed for the demanding rigors of R&D or the charting and analysis functions of QC testing.

One of the first features you see within the Horizon software is its use of the most current Windows environments. These familiar formats make it easy to use and learn, especially since the same familiar functionality is maintained throughout the program.

Key features of Horizon include:

•Test Method Library of international and industrial test standards
•Test Editor allows you to customise your own test methods
•Tabbed Test and Recall Area allows examination of previous tests while performing live tests
•Multiple Machine Control of different test types
•Multilingual capabilities means the software and results are truly portable

Tinius Olsen 5ST

The Tinius Olsen 5ST low capacity tension compression machine incorporates the latest advanced technology and quality engineering to give you the ultimate in durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use.

Powerful as a stand alone unit, using the Bluetooth enabled HMC interface, these benchtop machines have the ability to perform a five stage test and report key test results. Alternatively, these can be connected directly to Horizon software where a virtual interface is provided for pretest setup and test start.

These capabilities are enhanced by direct USB2 connection to a pc running Tinius Olsen's powerful Horizon control and analysis software, which can produce high resolution graphical results and comprehensive test reports using test data from multiple sources if needed.

With superior controllers and high data transfer rates, combined with a large number of accessory connections, built-in air distribution ports on the frame, 4 T-slots/channels to hold a variety of different accessories, the new range will make short, precision, work of your testing workload.

Endurance Testing

Automatically test folding endurance properties of a wide range of materials

• Three different models
• Provides constant tension load
• Variable folding rates from 20 to 175 double folds per minute can be furnished
• Test paper, plastic, leather, wire and other pliable materials

With this machine, a pliable specimen is placed under a constant tension load. The specimen is then folded to an angle of 135° in either direction, at the rate of 175 double folds per minute until the specimen is severed at the crease. A variable folding rate option allows the operator to vary the folding rate between 20 and 175 double folds per minute.

Three Models to Meet Your Requirements :

Model 1 - For paper, leather, fine wire and other pliable materials with comparatively low elongation characteristics. This machine accepts standard 14 cm long by 15 mm wide specimens. Holding jaws are available that will accept specimens varying in thickness from 0.01 to 0.07 in. Jaw size(s) required should be stated when ordering.

The optional centrifugal exhaust fan draws conditioned room air across the specimen and the head to accurately control the temperature and humidity in the fold area in accordance with TAPPI Method T 511 and ASTM D 2176.

Model 2 - For plastics and other materials with relatively high amounts of elongation, this machine provides the same operating principles and holding jaw options as the Model 1, however, the loading system has been modified to automatically compensate for specimen elongation up to 100% on a 1 inch gage length. Loads of any desired magnitude from .5 lb. to 5 lb. in increments of .5 lb. can be applied with full assurance of uniformity throughout the test.

Model 3 - Combination Paper and Plastics Tester For maximum flexibility in testing both paper and plastic specimens, this versatile folding endurance tester incorporates the features and capacities of both Models 1 and 2, as described above, in a single unit.

Heat Distortion

The Models 603 HDTM and 303 HDTM are the latest generation of Tinius Olsen's digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature/Vicat test equipment, with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters. All stations in these equipment are pneumatically raised from the oil bath at the touch of a button allowing easy placement of the test specimens. Once loaded, the test stations are lowered into position and the test can be started either from the handheld controller, or from an attached pc running Tinius Olsen’s HDV software.

The machine also features air bearing guided loading rods on each test station to ensure smooth load application and precise measurement of displacement. Additionally the test stations feature a ‘catch basket’ that is designed to catch any test specimens that may become dislodged during the test, so keeping the oil bath as clean as possible. Once the test is complete for all stations, the cooling cycle, using tap water as the coolant, starts automatically to allow more testing.

All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application.